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Presidents Message, April, 2024

Greetings brother Hibernians:

“In like a lion, and out like LAMB.” So we are into April of 2024. We are witnessing the burgeoning buds

and visage of a new beginning, as we do each year at this time. We have anticipated this as St Patrick’s

Day is truly the start of Spring for us. Alas it is still cold, some would say cool and we aren’t into full

bloom yet. What a wondrous St Patrick’s season we had too! On top of all the seasonal expectations

we attended we also experienced our two parades where we have a lot of input, the Mid-Hudson and

NYC. The one factor we had no control over was the weather and it gave us a hard way to go. I was

grateful for our cadence and I am personally thankful to the County AOH and for you gentlemen for

allowing my son to march under our banner, in the NYC parade and the Goshen Parade as well. Gerard

was very proud to contribute to the march and he felt it was his responsibility to practice in his backyard

to ensure he was adequately prepared. So again I thank you for indulging Gerard and me. I was a very

proud papa. Let’s bring on the Spring!


We just finished our Holy Week, the most sacred period of the Liturgical Calendar. Alleluia for HE is risen.

We are moving towards beneficial things for the future of the Division. Fundraisers are a necessary part

of our existence and we have a few considerations which requires a little bit of coordination. We are

considering following Division 2’s 50/50 fundraiser which is an annual fundraiser and would provide

much needed finances for the proper operation of the Division. We are definitely going to mimic last

year’s fundraiser of a 50/50 as we are going to go with what we know has worked! IF we were able to do

a 50/50 fundraiser to cover the whole year from Sept to Aug timeframe mechanics to be provided at our

April meeting, we could offset the Ireland 32 JDJ with our own Division fundraiser. We are an integral

part of our Community here in Monroe and Orange County as a whole. Just this past week PP Billy

Coffey donated fifty dollars to FISH on our behalf. FISH is an organization that operates out of

Washingtonville by its Chairman Russ Hallock and provides much needed medical devices to ease the

burdens of the elderly whom cannot secure walkers, or crutches etc. as a result of the expense. They

have a storage facility of much needed devices which are very costly on the open market. PP Billy Coffey

is not only spearheading the food for families, and most importantly the children, but he is also assisting

our local seniors in funding their ambulatory needs! Well done Billy!


On May 4, 2024 the Celtic Lounge will be hosting a party to celebrate the greatest two minutes in sports,

the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby. We shall have a menu prepared and pools available for those

that want to engage in some fun. As I am looking at the date I also see that Cinco de Mayo is the very

next day! Perhaps we shall have some Mexican food with muy Cervesa on Sunday? We will have a

festive weekend no doubt!


We, the board of Officers are going to meet monthly during the fourth week of the month to produce

plans for the next months’ execution. On personal note gents, my immediate family has been dealt a


difficult blow. Diagnosis has been given that is going to require the family to deal with a medical issue

that has been manifesting itself for some time. I am not clear on how this will affect my availability to

Preside over the Division at this time, but I will advise our Board of officer’s and we can come up with a

satisfactory solution.


Yours in Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity,

Kevin M. Strommer, President Division 1


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