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President's Message, December, 2018

Dear Brothers,

As I leave the position of President of our wonderful Order, I look back with pride on all we have accomplished. Over the last year, your board has worked tirelessly to provide leadership to our Division. Thank you to all the members of the Board for your service.

To the Incoming Board I offer my thanks for stepping up to lead our great Division. Best of luck to Billy Coffey, our Worthy President, and to all the other new and returning members of the Board.

Please note that we will install our Incoming Board at the December meeting, and it will be a public installation with our Ladies, family members and others invited. We will conduct an abbreviated Division meeting and then open the doors for the installation. Our Christmas Party will immediately follow the meeting and installation. It will be a cash bar with everyone’s first drink on the Division, and light refreshments and entertainment will be provided. We have invited our Ladies AOH 5 to attend along with us for this festive celebration, please attend and join us in celebrating Christmas.

Please note our January Meeting will be Sunday, January 13, 2019 at 2 PM.

Thanks to Recording Secretary George Anderson for coordinating our Annual Food Drive at Shoprite, and to all the Brothers, Sisters and Juniors listed to the right who participated in this worthy effort. Our local food pantries never cease in thanking our Division for our support and in turn, I thank the Division for its steadfast support of our Food Bank jar on the bar and our food drives.

I wish all our Brothers and their families a blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with hope and blessings. In our motto, Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity, Neil O’Riordan, President

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