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President's Message November, 2018

Dear Brothers,

Our County Board and Divisions held the Annual County Mass and Breakfast October 28 at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Although turnout was low, all in attendance had a good time. Thanks to Recording Secretary Anderson for serving as a reader at the Mass, and to Bobby Burns and Charlie Bohan who attended and represented our Division.

Dues for 2019

Please note that 2019 dues are now in order. The Division must pay its assessments to the National, State and County by February 1 in order to be in good standing and take advantage of some early payer discounts. Therefore, we need to collect the dues this year to ensure we have sufficient funds to remit the dues early in 2019. Waiting till January to pay your dues may require the Division to wait till past February, costing us additional money and leaving less to operate the Division, make charitable contributions, etc.

Please note as reported in our last meeting, the JDJ Board has notified the AOH that it will be officially leasing the 2nd Floor to the AOH. This will enable the floor to be leased with utilities included, which will save the Division the cost of the electric and heating bills for the year. This is a tremendous savings, however, anyone who can contribute to the Building Fund will be offsetting that increased cost to the JDJ Corporation.

Please send your dues as soon as possible, and by November 30 at the latest this year! Please check page 2 for further information on dues payment options.

Election Notice

Brothers, you are notified that nominations are still open for the AOH Board for 2019.

President, Vice President, and Recording Secretary ARE OPEN for nominations.

Please note that I have decided not to seek the office of President for the coming year, in order to focus on my duties with the JDJ Corporation. As well, the current Recording Secretary, George Anderson, has announced his intention NOT TO SEEK re-election to his office for 2019.

If you wish to seek to become a leader in our great Division, please send a letter of intent to me, as I will serve as Nominating and Election Committee Chair, as outlined on Page 2 of the Newsletter.

Food Drive

Please support Recording Secretary Anderson in our Food Drive November 17 and 18 at Shoprite, Monroe.

In our motto, Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity,

Neil O’Riordan, President

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